Celebrations of July 4th last year in our new house - the house that I had long dreamt of...

Matthew Rylett posted this on Jun 26, 2020

Like every year we are busy with the preparations for Independence Day celebrations. This makes me reminisce about our 4th July happenings last year. Since my early school days, we stayed in a rented small apartment, with no backyard or a sprawling lawn for our pet dog to play around in. Growing up, I saw the struggle of my parents to make ends meet, and finally, last year was the year of owning our new house. The house blessing ceremony was marked on the 4th of July, Independence Day.  

Since childhood, I nurtured this saying, “dream big, even if you don’t achieve all of it, you’ve achieved sufficiently”. 

Ours is a simple house that is complemented with a small backyard (to celebrate all the special days) and overlooks a sweet little lawn too. 

Happiness seems to double when it starts with little things; you have a lot of dreams, too many plans for your future and when you finally see them come true the elation knows no bounds.

Our last year’s Independence Day celebrations 

With close friends and family members, we planned a lot of specialties and BBQ was one among them. 

The backyard was prepared with charcoal grills. (Since this was the first time in our new house, we wanted things to taste ‘traditionally’ tasty). We decided to kick off the celebrations with a short prayer service, followed by fireworks and bonfire night. A few cans of grilled chicken were handpicked. 

Roasting is fun when all are surrounding the bonfire and trying your hands on grilling those pieces of chicken breasts. The grills were thoroughly greased with butter before we started off. I went on to use the fork to check whether the chicken got overcooked; my friend suggested that piercing draws out the juices and makes the meat drier! She helped me use a pair of tongs to flip the food. 

Our barbeque included veggies too!

The barbeque cookout night of 4th July last year was made memorable with a lot of items. We had salads and some bottles of chilled ginger beer too! 

On the grills, apart from the meat, we placed sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and a few cherry balls. The smoky hot chicken tasted heavenly with salty and spiced pieces of grilled veggies. The beer not only complemented our backyard dinner but served as a marinade for the chicken as well. While barbequing, this is one important advice to be followed: only relying on barbeque sauces does not marinate your chicken well; some seasonings, different rubs on your grills and garlic does the job better!  

There were yet other things that have etched the last Independence Day in our minds. Our small gathering of 24 had a fun dress code too. We were all decked up in blue and red with white hats and socks. The most special item of the day was the cake (with red and blue colored sprinkles) which was specially made by my mom.

Our Independence Day celebrations each year have been memorable, from visiting the American History Museum to singing the national anthem. To me, Independence Day echoes the principles of freedom for every citizen and when it comes to the celebrations, food grilling is one of the most interesting and entertaining ones. Trips to the beaches and lakes would be rather time-consuming and need some prior planning. Grilling gives you an array of dishes to choose from – be it seafood, pork, or chicken (veggies not to be left out either).

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