Compression Arm Sleeves - Every Athlete's Favorite!

Jessica Alexander posted this on Mar 3, 2020

Compression garment is a common topic among athletes. They are worn for lymphedema symptoms, pain or swelling. Other than style and warmth, these garments have positive effects as well. They stimulate blood flow and prevent muscle soreness. Here is a complete overview of Compression Arm Sleeves:

What do Compression Arm Sleeves do?

The main function of the sleeves is to increase blood flow in the surrounding area. These are woven methodically to apply pressure for optimal blood circulation. This results in better performance. Additionally, the sleeves protect muscles from injury and promote a speedy recovery.

Compression Arm Sleeves for Players:

For any agility sport, the upper body requires a lot of mobility. In this field, compression arm sleeves serve an array of purposes. Whether a basketball match or a tennis session, there are reasonable facts for compression sleeve dependency.

During a game, players wear arm sleeves for preventive measures and extra support. This garment compresses the arm muscles and elbow joints for proper alignment and motion.

If the muscles tend to sore or get tired, arm sleeves boost strength for extra assistance. Also, provide oxygen-rich blood circulation to the limbs and keep them grinding.

Upper limb pain is a common condition for athletes. Especially, individuals involved in tennis, golf, badminton and sports alike. Arm Sleeves help reduce the pain because of its structural design. It exerts pressure on the pain source and increases blood flow. Over time, it relieves tendon pressure and joint inflammation.

Compression Arm Sleeves for Lymphedema:

A healthy lymphatic system allows the passage of lymph fluids towards the neck. It removes toxins, pathogens, and debris. Lymphedema occurs due to blockage causing fluid build-up. This generally occurs in the limbs and leads to swelling in the affected area.

Lymphedema is a major drawback for athletes as well as non-athletes. It causes discomfort, aching, fibrosis and mild to extreme swelling.

Compression Sleeves encourage uninterrupted lymph flow due to its special design. It promotes fluid movement to its intended path allowing smooth processing of the lymphatic systems. And replenishes the blockage areas with nutrient-rich blood.

What to look for in a Compression Arm Sleeve?

Arm sleeves come in a variety of sizes – Small, Medium and Large. Not just sizes, they come in variant types – arm sleeves, elbow sleeves. Every individual can buy accordingly. In addition to that, few points are to be kept in consideration:

• The Fit – Purchase the measurement that ensures a firm fitting. Too tight sleeves tend to be uncomfortable. And the loose sleeves won’t provide proper compression.

• The Material – the fabric should not trap body heat. This is a must for athletes in action.

• The Construction – Seamless construction is by far the best. This allows the mesh panel feature and increases breathability.

5-Highlighted Benefits of Compression Arm Sleeves:

  • Temperature Regulation: Out in the field, Compression Sleeves regulate body temperature and check the metabolic response. During winters, Arm Sleeves safeguard limbs by warming them up with proper blood flow. In summers, the special fabric allows the skin to breathe and cools the body down.
  • Blood Circulation: Athletes will face injury, it’s a common thing. It causes poor blood circulation to the injured areas causing swelling or inflammation. Compression Arm Sleeves employ pressure and improve circulation.
  • Quick Healing and Recover: As the Arm Sleeves improve circulation, the blood motions quickly to the heart. This helps in quick healing of injuries.
  • Skin Protection: Arm Sleeves serve as a mini shield against another player in the field. The sleeves protect against collisions and abrasions. Also, it protects from the scorching heat.
  • Performance Boost: Arm Sleeves prevent muscles from tightening up and reduce soreness. This promotes better healing and improves real-time performance.

Like Nutritional Supplements, Compression Arm Sleeves are essential, and every athlete swears by. If you are new to the product, read through the functions and benefits. Consult a doctor before purchasing.

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