We often tend to forget that the chair that has wheels can have other useful accessories to make life even more beautiful and easier. The concept of wheelchair came from wheeled barrows that were used decades back to transport humans just like goods. So, you can imagine how far this invention has evolved over the years – with automated wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories available in the market now! 

Those of us who are fit would find it nearly impossible to even imagine ‘life on wheels’! Did you ever sit back and think that the wheelchaired person had a normal life back in the past? Accidents are blatantly unprecedented; humans even dread anticipating them, but the same human beings fight back after encountering one. That’s the irony of ‘life’ – it can throw anything upon us, and at the same time teach us how to deal with them too.

This piece of article is thus intended to focus on accessories that enhance the quality of 'life on wheels'!

Wheelchair seat cushions

Long hours of continuous sitting cause pressure sores. This can be avoided with the right kind of cushioning. Cushions that keep sores at bay are mostly the air-infused ones as they aid in maintaining proper aeration. Wheelchair seat cushions are also available with some skin protection gel placed within them. Sitting for long hours and the consequent pressure exerted become less hazardous with the use of these cushions. 

Many wheelchair users are still ignorant of the cushion variants available in the market and depend solely upon foam cushions!

Back cushions for wheelchair users

Take the case of individuals in a wheelchair who work for long hours, which again mandatorily requires correct posture. If not, back pain might vex the patient over and above the physical disability that he/she is already dealing with!

Customized back cushions from wheelchair makers is the best option (if available) to relieve your back and make the job less fatiguing.

Wheelchair gloves 

Wheelchair gloves is that accessory which only selected individuals need. That is to say, if the wheelchair is automated (battery-powered), these are of no use. However, some prefer to buy chairs that are self-propelled for several reasons and it is only they who require these gloves. Since the exertion caused by propelling can be harsh on the palms at times, gloves are used to protect them from blisters, calluses, and even numbness at times.

Portable ramps

Portable wheelchair amps are an important consideration if the wheelchaired person needs to commute to a place daily where 2-3 steps are to be climbed up. These are foldable and carried easily. However, for higher elevations (lower than incorporating the lift facility), your host or employer (whichever is the case) might have to consider remodeling a portion of the entrance area!

Table tray for your chair 

A table tray is the most fruitful accessory (in my opinion of course)! Besides placing your dinner dish or tea tray on it, a wheelchair table tray can be used for anything – from placing the laptop to scribbling in your diary to reading a book. For some refreshment and renewed source of energy, place a coffee mug at its corner hole!


It is aptly said that accessories better the experience of using a product. In fact, today, there's no end to adding comfort to your life even if it's in that wheelchair! Wheelchairs, thus, ensure ‘mobility with dignity’ to make a few people live a quality life despite their hardship.