Steps to Clean Your Home-Sweet-Home

Tami Ernest posted this on Mar 16, 2020

Nothing beats the feeling of coming back to a clean home. But shining the entire house can be intimidating at times. It requires efforts, time, proper planning and more than just two hands. However, a home is where you live and grow. A clean home is something you owe yourself and your family.

Professionals follow these steps before any cleaning procedure to make it less dreadful!

  1. Prepare a schedule: Experts say you can cut out half the cleaning time by having a proper plan. Start chalking out which room requires the most effort. Start working out with one room at a time. Prepare a checklist of all the things to clean in each of the rooms. Cleaning can be easily tackled with a properly jotted list. Most importantly, finish the task at hand.
  2. Clear the clutter and make some space: A cluttered home adds to the stress level. Decluttering makes every individual organized and efficient. Keep ‘decluttering’ at the top of your checklist. Have a look around and decide upon the things you no longer require. Sort the clutter into three categories – TRASH, STORE and DONATE. Getting rid of them gives you a lot of space to move and work on.
  3. Have a system: A Deep cleaning session, any time of the year, requires a system. Approach the process room-by-room. If it’s the kitchen you start with, finish it and then move to another room. Wherever you start from, finish in the same spot; that way you do not miss out areas. Try following the left to right and top to the bottom method. Start cleaning from the ceiling and come down to the floor.
  4. Keep your tools at the ready: Rummaging for a cleaning item in the middle of the session can be stressful. Keep all the cleaning items, like mops and dusters, ready at your arm’s reach. Gather some natural items like baking soda, lemon that help the process. Wear an apron and utilize the pockets. Have the cleaners and disinfectants in spray bottles. If not comfortable with the idea of pockets filled with spray bottles get yourself a compartment caddy. This is an organized tool to carry your items room to room.
  5. Protect yourself: Dirt can be harmful and cause several damaging issues, even allergy. Be safe during the cleaning process. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and masks to keep away allergens. Wear a hairnet even to protect your hair. Protective garments shield the skin from irritation. 

Following this pre-cleaning chore make the actual cleaning process half done. Now with the overhaul –

The Living Room:

  • Make the area low traffic by proper organizing.
  • Collect the stray and breakable items, store them someplace else.
  • Clean the areas you can reach with a microfiber cloth and the hard-to-reach areas with a feather duster.
  • Steam the sofa and wash the pillow covers and blankets. Use a polishing spray on the furniture.
  • Dust the lights, lampshades, shelves, electronics, remotes and every minute object present in the room.

The Kitchen:

  • Empty the trash can and get rid of everything expired. Clean the trash can and the pantry section.
  • Defrost the refrigerator and clean it. Clean the oven as well. Change the filters of both the appliances if needed.
  • Scrub the counters with a scouring pad or a sponge. Use a disinfectant spray to keep the area germ-free.
  • Wipe the stovetop thoroughly to get rid of the prime grime. Multi-surface kitchen cleaner and wipes come handy.

The Bathroom:

  • Clean the shower mirror, curtains, cabinets, racks, and caddies.
  • Replace or refill the empties.
  • Disinfect the tub, shower, and washbasins. Clean the bathmats and even the bathroom slippers.
  • Clean the decorative items.

The Bedroom:

  • Dust the sleeping area to get rid of allergens. Wash the bedding items – the bedcovers and sheets, pillow cover.
  • Disinfect the side table and the drawers as well.
  • Flip the mattress. (Do this seasonally)
  • Organize the closet. Vacuum through the closets, curtains and bedroom furniture.


  • Start cleaning from the ceiling, then the walls and finally the floor. Mop and disinfect the surfaces you touch the most.
  • Clean the windows thoroughly, every nook and corner. Get a window cleaning kit to make it easier.
  • Clean all the electronic items, fans, and lights in every room. Do not miss out on the remote controls.
  • Dust the doors and clean the doorknobs.
  • Use a polishing spray on all the floors of the house. Condition leather items.
  • Do not forget the doormats. That is something everybody, including you, catch sight of before entering.
  • Splurge on some good air fresheners for every room.
  • A clean home needs a clean surrounding as well. 


There’s more to home cleaning, but this list is a good way to start it without getting overwhelmed. Be it for the guest or some occasion or just for yourself. A clean home makes life less stressful and worth living. Happy Cleaning!

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