Tze Flexible Tape Cartridge For P-touch Labelers, 0.47" X 26.2 Ft, Black On Yellow

by Brother P Touch
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Special Adhesive For Bending, Wrapping And Flagging. Use On Cables, Wire, Pipes And Other Cylindrical Surfaces Plus Vials, Beakers, Test Tubes, Electrical Fittings And Connectors. Not Suitable As An Electrical Insulator. Label Size - Text: 1/2" X 26 1/5 Ft.; Label Color(s): Yellow; Machine Compatibility: Brother P-touch Pt-1000, Pt-1000bm, Pt-1010, Pt-1010b, Pt-1010nb, Pt-1010r, Pt-1010s, Pt-1090, Pt-1090bk, Pt-1100, Pt1100sb, Pt-1100sbvp, Pt-1100st, Pt-1120, Pt-1130, Pt-1160, Pt-1170, Pt-1180, Pt-1190, Pt-11q, Pt-1200, Pt-1230pc, Pt-1280, Pt-1280sr, Pt-1280vp, Pt-128af, Pt-1290, Pt-1290bt, Pt-1290bt2, Pt-1290rs, Pt-1300, Pt-1400, Pt-1500, Pt-1500pc, Pt-1600, Pt-1700, Pt-1750, Pt-1800, Pt-1810, Pt-1830, Pt-1830c, Pt-1830sc, Pt-1830vp, Pt-1880, Pt-1880c, Pt-1880sc, Pt-1880w, Pt-1890c, Pt-1890sc, Pt-1890w, Pt-18r, Pt-18rkt, Pt-1900, Pt-1910, Pt-1950, Pt-1960, Pt-200, Pt-2030, Pt-2030ad, Pt-2030vp, Pt-2100, Pt-2110, Pt-2200, Pt-2210, Pt-2300, Pt-2310, Pt-2400, Pt-2410, Pt-2430pc, Pt-2500pc, Pt-2600, Pt-2610, Pt-2700, Pt-2710, Pt-2730, Pt-2730vp, Pt-300, Pt-300b, Pt-310, Pt-310b, Pt-320, Pt-330, Pt-340, Pt-350, Pt-3600, Pt-4000, Pt-520, Pt-530, Pt-540, Pt-550, Pt-580c, Pt-6100, Pt-7100, Pt-7500, Pt-9200dx, Pt-9200pc, Pt-9400, Pt-9500pc, Pt-9600, Pt-9700pc, Pt-9800pcn, Pt-d200, Pt-d200bt, Pt-d200da, Pt-d200ma, Pt-d200sa, Pt-d210, Pt-d400, Pt-d400ad, Pt-d400vp, Pt-d450, Pt-d600, Pt-d600vp, Pt-e100, Pt-e300, Pt-e500, Pt-e550w, Pt-h100, Pt-h300, Pt-h300li, Pt-h500li, Pt-p700, Pt-p750w, Pt-p750wvp, Pt-p900w, Pt-p950nw, St-1150, St-1150dx, St-5.


  • Count On The Professional Look Of Brother Genuine Labels For Premium Quality And Performance In A Variety Of Applications.
  • The Unique Adhesive Backing Sticks To Itself Making It Perfect For Identifying Cables And Wires.
  • Dirt, Grime, Moisture, Heat And Cold Are No Match For The Toughness Of These Professional Labels.
  • Print And Stick These Labels For Easy Identification And To Organize And Simplify Your Work.


Manufacturer Brother P Touch
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