Tze Standard Adhesive Laminated Labeling Tape, 0.35" X 26.2 Ft, Black On Red

by Brother P Touch
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Perfect For Labeling File Folders And Binders, Name Badges, And Small Signage. Laminated Surface Wipes Clean. Withstands Water, Grease, Grime, Fading And Abrasion. Label Size - Text: 3/8" X 26 1/5 Ft.; Label Color(s): Red; Machine Compatibility: Brother P-touch Pt-1000, Pt-1000bm, Pt-1010, Pt-1010b, Pt-1010nb, Pt-1010r, Pt-1010s, Pt-1090, Pt-1090bk, Pt-1100, Pt1100sb, Pt-1100sbvp, Pt-1100st, Pt-1120, Pt-1130, Pt-1160, Pt-1170, Pt-1180, Pt-1190, Pt-11q, Pt-1200, Pt-1230pc, Pt-1280, Pt-1280sr, Pt-1280vp, Pt-128af, Pt-1290, Pt-1290bt, Pt-1290bt2, Pt-1290rs, Pt-1300, Pt-1400, Pt-1500, Pt-1500pc, Pt-1600, Pt-1700, Pt-1750, Pt-1800, Pt-1810, Pt-1830, Pt-1830c, Pt-1830sc, Pt-1830vp, Pt-1880, Pt-1880c, Pt-1880sc, Pt-1880w, Pt-1890c, Pt-1890sc, Pt-1890w, Pt-18r, Pt-18rkt, Pt-1900, Pt-1910, Pt-1950, Pt-1960, Pt-200, Pt-2030, Pt-2030ad, Pt-2030vp, Pt-2100, Pt-2110, Pt-2200, Pt-2210, Pt-2300, Pt-2310, Pt-2400, Pt-2410, Pt-2430pc, Pt-2500pc, Pt-2600, Pt-2610, Pt-2700, Pt-2710, Pt-2730, Pt-2730vp, Pt-300, Pt-300b, Pt-310, Pt-310b, Pt-320, Pt-330, Pt-340, Pt-350, Pt-3600, Pt-4000, Pt-520, Pt-530, Pt-540, Pt-550, Pt-580c, Pt-6100, Pt-7100, Pt-7500, Pt-9200dx, Pt-9200pc, Pt-9400, Pt-9500pc, Pt-9600, Pt-9700pc, Pt-9800pcn, Pt-d200, Pt-d200bt, Pt-d200da, Pt-d200ma, Pt-d200sa, Pt-d210, Pt-d400, Pt-d400ad, Pt-d400vp, Pt-d450, Pt-d600, Pt-d600vp, Pt-e100, Pt-e300, Pt-e500, Pt-e550w, Pt-h100, Pt-h300, Pt-h300li, Pt-h500li, Pt-p700, Pt-p750w, Pt-p750wvp, Pt-p900w, Pt-p950nw, St-1150, St-1150dx, St-5.


  • Tape Consists Of Seven Layers Of Materials, Resulting In A Thin, Extremely Strong Label.
  • Thermal Print Technology Requires No Ink Or Toner.
  • Features A Split-back Design That Is Simple To Remove, Making Them Easy To Peel And Apply To Different Surfaces.
  • Laminated Tape Is Water Resistant, Grease Resistant, Grime Resistant, Temperature Resistant.
  • Perfect For Home, And Industrial Use. These Labels Are Great For Shelving, Cabinets, Kitchen Use, File Folders, Name Badges, Small Signage And More.


Manufacturer Brother P Touch
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