Summer’s the time when there’s sunshine on your mind... the clear blue skies brushing past the mountains, the warm waters under the bright sunny sky, and the white sand beaches! Though we all tend to become a little careless when the warm weather sets in hoping that the tans will fade away sometime later, remember, every loss cannot be redressed!

Skincare is therefore an inescapable task in the summers. This article is about taking care of your skin and other requisites of the summertime. Well, summer and skincare keep hammering one word in your head – SPF, SPF, and SPF! Summer skincare does not start and end with SPF only (though it is an integral part of course)!

The SPF knowledge that you essentially need to have

On a hot summer day hangout, if sunscreen is the first thing on your mind, it should be the last thing too. This reaches out to say (in fact remind you): your sunscreen needs to be reapplied after a few hours! You, therefore, ought not to forget to carry an extra bottle of sunscreen while you’ve planned to stay out longer in the sun.

For effective summer care, check these out for more insights into sunscreens, the harmful UV rays, and SPF –

  • Sunscreens remain on the skin for about 2hrs. Reapplication is required, especially, if you have perspired or gone swimming!
  • The amount (and not only the SPF) is important. As a ballpark, consider applying a spoonful of the lotion to each of your limbs and half of it on your face.
  • If you are thinking that the SPF numbers are denoting the power or effectiveness of your sunscreen, you are mistaken! It’s the approximate time after which the harmful UV rays start affecting your skin (while you’re out in the sun).

You cannot give up moisturizing

That extra layer of sweat on your skin does not function as a moisturizer. You’ve either guessed it wrong or the perspiration made you forget about moisturizers! But they are very much essential for your skin! Even when the weather is hot and humid outside, moisturization of your skin is a must. Moisturizing creams help in rebuilding the outer layer of the skin that is the stratum corneum. They not only take care of the dryness and itchiness but also protects you from harmful pollutants.

Go for the lightweight lotions and creams so that it does not feel heavy on your skin!

Vitamin C and exfoliation are important for your skin too

Vitamin C is essentially an antioxidant. So, it naturally saves your skin from free radicals. Also, vitamin C inhibits melanin production that aids to even out dark spots, pigmentation, and fine lines thus enhancing the skin radiance.

Although time and again dermatologists have warned us to stay away from over-exfoliation, summer is the time to clean up. You could use AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) pads to remove oils and all your blocked-up skin pores. One tip: AHA makes the skin more photosensitive; so, you just cannot afford to forget your sunscreen!

Take fewer showers                       

Summers pester you to remain under the shower for hours and hours together in a day. And if that’s a hot shower, it leads to skin dryness and summer eczema. These suggestions might be simple but they are significant enough!

Why give up the summertime fun when you have a lot to do to protect and take care of yourself?