New year celebrations

New Year, to most of us, means new beginnings. To me, personally, the first thing that the New year reminds us of is that the vacations are about to end! Well, it’s surely not that way, and on a serious note, every New Year marks the start of some new resolutions for me. What is it like for you? Is it a long road trip, simply some binge time on your couch, a night out with your old schoolmates, or just a lazy day doing a whole lot of nothing?

New Year things to do

No plans yet? Start with bits of tasks. Organize your closet; get some closet organizers to do that. Buy a bookshelf, arrange all your favorite ones (the fresh ones that you've bought this year) and place it adjacent to your couch. Declutter your study, add some greenery to your workspace (or study). Interested in Bonsai? You could give it a try this coming new year!

Kickstarting the new year with a movie marathon is one great idea! So, how many movies or shows would you fit in on your first movie night? Or rather, calling it a web series marathon!

Starting a new book is one of my all-time favorites. Be it a vacation, a long weekend, or even part of your new year resolution - books fit into all seasons and take care of all your moods, don’t they? Curl up on your cozy bed with one of this year's bestselling fictions or join a virtual book club to smell something new.

New Year party supplies

Has it been quite a long time that you haven’t revamped your kitchen pantry? Give a foodie start to the New Year 2022. Stock up on all the grocery essentials that are needed to prepare your favorite desserts, cocktails, French toasts, and amazing waffles! Probably you are a baking freak quite like me, are you? Get all that you need to bake your favorite cheesecake, apple pie, or chocolate-chip cookies. Well, while you are revamping your pantry, wipe the shelves clean, declutter them; throw off all the expired items most importantly!

Party supplies are not about the food only. It encompasses all – the new upholstery in your living room, the backyard decorations, the chocolate goodies to welcome the kids, and even the disposable cutlery.

New Year decorations

Party hats, glasses, headbands, masks, balloons, party lights, horns & noisemakers, banners & backdrops, and the list goes on and on. Not to forget the food disposables – the single-use cups, plates, and a whole stock of cutlery! Choose a theme for the decorations, plan it out with your friends, and get costumes that go hand-in-hand with the startling backdrop!

Indulge in the food, the lip-smacking beverages, and yes, not to forget the multitude of selfies to be clicked. Make the most of New Year 2022 by making memories that last forever!

New Year's Resolutions

new year resolutions