It's quite some time now that the Christmas and Hanukkah shopping countdown has begun. Going down to the roots, Christmas and Hanukkah celebrate two very different things. The former, as we all know, observes the birth of Jesus. The latter is the "festival of lights" which celebrates a religious victory of the Jews (though poorly armed) over the mightiest of armies on earth – the Greeks.

The big Black Friday sales, usually, kickstarts the winter shopping season! Shopaholics, however, are not done with their festive season shopping. The internet, therefore, floods with searches harping upon the trending Christmas gift ideas of the year. Talk to friends, follow the social media updates, surf the internet, and you could find other ways to make the best of this Christmas.

Save yourself from the Christmas clutter. Once you have the list of Christmas items, set yourself a budget, and at best, when you go shopping, look out for the in-store sales or the enticing online discounts not only to buy gifts for your friends and family members but also the ones you want to gift yourself with! Get something new from the furniture collection to deck up your living room or the ‘home-office’ corner beside your study!

Christmas gift ideas

Every relationship has a special savor and gifts for each of them need to be special. Be it your mom, dad, wife, or brother – there’s no one-size-fits-all gifting idea for your loved ones!  You can send in some token gifts for your college mates – order a bundle of chocolate bars or stationery stuffs for your high school friends. But loved ones back at home or the kid who stays away from home deserves something special on Christmas eve, don't they?

Christmas gift ideas for her

Here’s something for your mom, wifey, or girlfriend...

You might have asked them a thousand times about what’s there in their wish list but they’ve remained tight-lipped despite all your efforts. Never mind, you still cannot skip the gifts! They love surprises and the queerest part is – the surprise should match their expectations! Right, am I? To be on the safer side, go by their hobbies. For instance, if it’s baking, get the trendiest baking essentials for her. And if she's is a hard-working woman get her that foot care insole to take care of her stressed legs!

It’s a tad difficult to decide gifts for dads and husbands!

Since working from home has been imposed upon the poor chaps, an ergonomic chair would perhaps be the most befitting gift! Ergonomics does not apply to the office or study chair only. It has a vital role to play even when buying that mouse or the footrest! In case you’re not giving a thumbs up to this idea, gadgets are much dependable! Men are usually gadget lovers but you need to go by your pocket size too.

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Christmas ideas for kids

So what are your Christmas & Hanukkah plans for the kids and teens at home?

Sometimes they are the ones for whom you plan your entire Christmas! From baking their favorite walnut cake to buying them those “learning” toys or the clay molds that air-dries fast to fill them with giggles – it’s all theirs (when kids are at home)! For your grown-up child (6 and above) find them games that would make them apply some logic and reasoning. If your heartthrob is just about to press the teenage button next year, surprise him or her with a flying drone or a virtual-reality game set!

Christmas Gifting Ideas

Is the list over yet? Probably not! You are still left to plan out something for your colleagues or your high school friends, aren't you? Gear up fast and shop your hearts out! It'll be a great stress-reliever too!