Medical Compression garments - 5 Reasons to Consider Before Shopping
Steven Paul Nov 13, 2019

Are you one of those people who likes to stay ahead of the health-consciousness race? Do you believe in the proverb “Precaution is better tha...

Intermittent Catheters - Tips for First-Time Catheter Users
Ashley Palmer Nov 13, 2019

What are Catheters? A catheter is a piece of medical equipment made of components like silicone, latex & PVC, among other things. The primary...

The Purpose of Enteral Nutrition and Its Various Procedures
Sean Mckenzie Nov 13, 2019

The common idea about Enteral feeding The lexicographic reference to the ‘enteral’ says that enteral refers to the path that involves...

Oxygen Therapy -Truths You Should Be Aware of Before Getting into it
Margine Perez Nov 13, 2019

Many people tend to sweat over matters that aren’t worth their time – so, here is a little something you can go through (if you’r...

An overview of Intermittent Catheters
Daniel Butler Nov 19, 2019

What does the word ‘intermittent’ mean? An action that is repeated intermittently or ‘again and again.’ The insertion and ...

7-Beverage Myths Debunked!
Monique Savard Mar 10, 2020

There are plenty of beverages out in the market, along with plenty of misinformation. From your morning coffee to your child’s daily milk, al...

What are Computer Peripherals and Accessories essential?
Bonnie Brown Feb 21, 2020

The terms computer accessories and peripherals are closely intertwined. They are therefore easily confused too. To start with, a clear distinction ...

Steps to Clean Your Home-Sweet-Home
Tami Ernest Mar 16, 2020

Nothing beats the feeling of coming back to a clean home. But shining the entire house can be intimidating at times. It requires efforts, time, pro...

10 Winter Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed!
Daniel Butler Nov 6, 2019

It’s almost the end of fall – and it’s time to stock up your wardrobe with winter emergencies! Here is the list of 10 things tha...

5 FAQs Answered to Keep Off the CORONA PANIC!
Marie Cadotte Mar 18, 2020

In this period of ‘corona’ scare, this comes as a ray of hope that professionals are still working round the clock to make it through t...

COVID-19: What You Need to Know
Monique Savard Apr 14, 2020

COVID-19 crisis has led to worldwide fear and uncertainty with the little breakthrough in understanding the virus itself. With little to contain it...

How to Avoid Touching Your Face
Matthew Rylett May 26, 2020

So, it’s been days, weeks, and months since strict rules and restrictions to stay indoors with health protocols were imposed. The CDC guideli...

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