Breast pump accessories

First-time mom? Excited? Anxious? Stressed out with sleepless nights? Well among the scores of responsibilities that a new mum (especially if she’s a working woman) has to shoulder, pumping breast milk is one! Breast milk pumping is a tedious task and more so when you need to manage to do things with inexperienced hands! Pumping sessions (sometimes painful enough) in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning, sleepless nights, cleaning and assembling the breast pump parts, and above all getting into the right pumping rhythm – it’s almost a skilled task!

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The most crucial thing about this job is that every breast pumping is unique – there are no set rules! What we can do here is talk about some essential breast pump accessories. They’ll indeed help to tailor the pumping sessions seamlessly into your day-to-day lifestyle. You only need to figure out which are the products that suit your breastfeeding needs best.

Overcoming breastfeeding challenges is an important thing as it allows you to feed your little one sufficiently and keeps your anxiety at bay too. Check out these breast pump accessories.

Breast milk storage bags – Storage bags can be safely sealed and refrigerated instantly. You only need a marker to date the bag before you pump milk into it. Storage bags can be insulated too for traveling purposes. Isn't this worth buying?

Micro steam bags – These bags are used for sanitation purposes. Your cleaning hassles are lessened. Whether at home or you have returned from work wearied, simply bag the breast pump parts, milk bottles, nipples, and you can steam-clean them in your microwave in just about 3 minutes! You are saved from the daily boiling of your baby’s accessories for sanitation purposes. What’s more, each bag can be reused up to 20 times!

Nursing Pads – Nursing pads are both available in super absorbent layers for mommas facing a heavy flow or light padding layers that manage leakages in small amounts. They come with an adhesive at their back that easily allows you to stick them in the inner concave of your bra to protect against unexpected leakage.

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Breast pump shields

Breast pump shields or breast shields are the funnel-shaped portion of the pump that fits around your areola and sucks the milk while the pumping starts. Breast shields are one of the most important parts of this device as their shape and size matter. You need to be careful that the shield is neither too large (larger than your areola) nor too small (not being able to fit in the entire areola)! These need to be considered to optimize the milk flow and make the process comfortable.

That’s not the end of it. These were only a few to name breast pump accessories. The accessories or parts change according to your choice of breast pump sometimes. That is to say, you might choose to go for an electrical pump instead of a manual one. The former, I must say, is a total game changer! Your hands are free and your stress too!