Worried about your aged dad or grandmom? Probably yes, and therefore you are here to know more about bathroom safety measures. Bathroom safety is intended to prevent accidental falls and it becomes almost inevitable when you have aged members in your family. Even worried parents of hyperactive kids aged between 2 to 8 install bathroom safety aids, but unfortunately, they usually don’t seem to accustom themselves with such things no matter how much they are taught!

Safety issues with your toilet or washroom not only includes slippery floors but also sharp edges and, sometimes, space crunches that might hurt you as well.

A glance through the different kinds of bathroom safety equipment that you could make use of…

Grab Handles & Bars – A grab bar or handle can be installed beside the toilet set or near the area through which you enter your bathtub or shower chamber. This is one of the primary preventive measures taken to prevent accidental falls.

An elderly member in your family with a Parkinson's disease or any other geriatric issue is in dire need of safety aids inside the washroom. Parkinson's patients especially run the risk of accidental falls. Grab bars are one of the firsts that need to be installed.


Now, if you're planning out the interiors of your new house or renovating an old one, the question is, where exactly should the grab bars be installed. You may have asked your handyman for advice but he is not familiar with your exact needs whatsoever.

You still have a better option – pick up a portable suction grab bar! You can simply remove this grab bar as and when required. You might be wondering about whether the ‘safety’ element is being compromised upon by not fixing the device permanently. Well, you need not worry about that as the suction makes it as effective as a fixed grab bar!

Transfer Benches – Transfer benches are the safest way of moving in and out of the bathtub for aged persons especially. Even with grip bars and handles adjacent to the tub, an elderly person might get imbalanced while trying to cross the rim for stepping into or out of the bathtub.

The benches are so designed that the person sits on one of its sides (that lay outside the tub) and easily turns to the other side to allow him/her to step into the tub! Thus, this is a safer method wherein the person sits to transit into the bathtub.

Shower Chairs & Shower Seats – Shower chairs are available in various shapes and sizes. They come with and without backrest as well and mostly used by wheelchaired or otherwise disabled patients in the hospital or at home.

Shower chairs serve the purpose of ‘comfort’ apart from providing safety. The fatigue from standing in the shower (especially when you feel like take a long shower on a hot summer day) is kept at bay. Therefore, bath seats are in wide demand even when there is no patient or an elderly member at home!

Walk-in bathtubs – They are not only comfy but also look great in your washroom. A walk-in bathtub has a tint of an ultra-modern look. A portion of the tub wall is designed to function as a door. You open it and simply walk inside your tub! Well, this not only sounds interesting but feels great too. These trendy bathtubs come integrated with a lot of modern facilities too. Sprayers, hand-held showers, customized floors (to prevent slipping and falling), heated seating are some of the features that might be added to your walk-in bathtub.

A raised toilet – Usually patients with pelvic surgery and artificial plates installed in their pelvic region have difficulty in lowering themselves down to the standardized height of toilets. Patients with other conditions might encounter this difficulty too. A raised toilet seat comes to the rescue in such situations where the seating area is lifted by 3 to 4 inches. Additionally, raised toilet seats also come with safety handles on either side!

Bathroom safety is a separate segment of your home interior that needs careful planning. Often, we tend to overlook the minute safety requirements that might arise in the future. The variety of available items – ranging from the inexpensive but highly useful like ‘non-slip floor mats’ to the transfer benches - could help you in planning a safer washroom experience for important members of your home.