Life of an ostomate is more challenging than it sounds. Though they perform several activities like any other normal person, they do with much difficulty while living with ostomy attachments. They walk, they bend, they tie their shoelaces, and all of these become a testing experience with the ostomy bag attached to the abdomen.


Ostomy is a life-saving accomplishment. It is a surgical procedure to create a pathway for excretion. The waste is collected through a stoma into a prosthetic called the ‘ostomy pouch’. They may be several reasons for ostomy like inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, diverticulitis and more.

As this is a gastrointestinal surgery, it ushers a new lifeline to patients.


Ostomy indeed is lifesaving but comes with its own set of complications like skin irritation around the peristomal section, dehydration due to continuous waste discharge, bowel obstruction causing pain and the most heartening, leakage due to improper pouch fitting leading to a skin infection.

However, leakages can be dealt with proper tools. So, every ostomate (or one taking care of an ostomate) needs to have a thorough knowledge of them.

Moldable Strips 

Moldable Strips is one such tool that can be added to the daily regime. These are skin-friendly and latex-free alternatives to tape. Specifically designed to secure the ostomy pouch for a long duration, the strips are typically made of hydrocolloid ingredients and vary brand to brand. These are sold in a packet of 20 at reasonable prices. These strips contour the uneven skin and minimize the rolling up of the ostomy wafer.

Benefits of Moldable Strips:

Moldable strips are effective for caulking uneven skin around the stoma region. These create a waterproof barrier and protect the skin underneath from irritation. Moreover, it keeps the ostomy pouch in place. Moldable strips are:

● Compatible with both one-piece and two-piece drainable pouch.

● Protective layer for the skin against prolonged wear of ostomy appliances.

● Alternative to ostomy paste and quite like moldable rings.

● Handy for ostomates with limited agility.

● A helpful way of dealing with ostomy pouch fitting issues and chronic leakage.

● Beneficial to sensitive skin.

Moldable barrier strips are erosion resistant. These are flexible, soft and sit comfortably without affecting blood flow.

Methods of usage:

Moldable strips are adhesive but are not reusable. Here are some tips to use them effectively:

● Unlike moldable rings that come with a predefined oval shape, the strips come in ungrouped patterns. You can mold them into the most suitable shape.

● The strips are placed around unevenly shaped stomas. They can be cut, bent and stacked together for a befitting shape.

● Break the strips into smaller pieces. Roll or mold them accordingly. (they can be rejoined as needed)

● Warm the strips to make it more malleable.

● Position the strips around the stoma before the wafer or directly to the wafer.

Which moldable strip should I buy?

Moldable strips come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Size is not an issue as these are moldable, though there are quite a variety of shapes.

● Rectangular Strips are ideal for square-shaped barriers.

● Y-shaped barrier strips are functional for rounded abdomens, hernia, and folds.

● The basic oval shape comes with extra coverage to combat leakage.

All the shapes prevent rolling up of wafer and obstruct leakage.

Braving social stigma, ostomy can be an emotionally consuming journey, however, nothing is more valuable than life itself. Leakage adds to the stress and interferes with daily life, but moldable barrier strips and rings secure your freedom!

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