Stoma adhesive remover

Adhesive removal is an integral part of medical procedures although we do not tend to research it while beginning to avail of some medical treatment. When the time comes (for removal of a wound dressing or say an ostomy pouch) the panic starts overpowering. So, before all that anxiety takes its toll on you, this article will walk you through the benefits of using different types of stoma adhesive removers and their techniques.

Certain procedures (like ostomy) are long-lasting and you need to walk back home with it, and a knowledge of the aftercare measures is, therefore, very important. Removing ostomy adhesive is a part of it. The purpose of the chemical in the remover is to break the chemical bonds of adhesives. Since different adhesives have different chemical structures, the remover should be effective enough to be able to break down each one of them.

Stoma adhesives

Ostomy pouches mandatorily need adhesives. It ensures that they stay in place and do not fall off. This is extremely vital for ostomates; they reap the following benefits –

1. The skin does not come in contact with the body waste
2. The pouch lasts longer (with lesser spending on supplies)
3. Working and moving around throughout the day becomes easier

Types of Adhesive Removers

Ostomy adhesive removers are widely available in the following types –

1. Sprays and liquid removers
2. Adhesive remover wipes
3. Lotion
4. Tape remover pads

Best ostomy adhesive remover

How to choose the right remover?

Adhesive removers are solvents that are formulated to dissolve the adhesive material which in turn helps to remove a dressing, tapes and ostomy wafers. While individuals are still getting used to living with an ostomy, they tend to neglect this option. Warm water and soap are used, which, although is a good start, might leave some adhesive residues. Removers not only help to remove everything but they can also alternatively be used to clean the skin before applying the adhesive product.

While choosing from several options, you might consider the following –

• Sprays are one of the best options. They are not only alcohol-free but also designed such that the bottle is completely emptied to avoid product waste.

• Wipes are, for some individuals, an easier option. They are convenient for travel purposes too. However, certain wipes contain alcohol. Do not forget to do the patch test before applying them!

Choosing the best stoma adhesive remover requires a considerable amount of research so that you end up buying the product that permits gentle and painless removal of all types of adhesive residue. Alcohol-free removers with a pleasant fragrance are the most recommended ones as they effectively clean all types of dressings like hydrocolloid dressings, acrylic, and rubber-based ones too.

How to change the ostomy bag?

Proper usage of the ostomy remover adhesive...

• A skin test is a must. For this, you need to do a patch test on a non-exposed area. Let it dry and begin using the product only if that patch of skin is not itchy, reddish or giving a burning sensation.

• Use the adhesive remover wipe gently around the wafer and wait for a few minutes.

• Gently start removing the wafer. If it is still stubborn apply some more amount of the remover (however, do not expose a lot of your skin to the chemical unnecessarily).

• Once the appliance is removed check if your skin is okay. The norm is healthy skin, which should not be red or itchy. If it’s not, you need to stop using the product.

• Clean with soap and water and continue with the steps of putting up your ostomy pouch.