Since this is a medical device that has been there for ages, the recent day internet searches are mostly inclined towards – “meters without finger pricks”. Instead of concluding my article with this information, let me begin with this – diabetic meters that rely on finger pricks to give the most accurate results!

Best blood glucose monitor

Although, for your information, I will be discussing the alternatives later in this article, for now, let us head straight into the parameters to be checked to handpick the best blood glucose monitor?

What do you check to handpick the apt meter?

Blood sugar monitoring reports about the abnormal increase or decrease of sugar in the patient’s blood. The former (increase in blood sugar) is medically termed as hyperglycemia and the latter is known as 'hypoglycemia'. Monitoring is crucial as both the conditions, when left unchecked for long, can culminate into life-threatening issues. 

How do monitors work in general?

To begin with, the basics of the functioning of a blood glucose monitor involves the insertion of a testing strip into the device. This strip is loaded with a drop of the patient’s blood (obtained from his or her fingertip). The meter displays the reading for the sugar levels withing seconds of the blood touching the other end of the strip. 

It, therefore, goes without saying that the mechanism is rather simple and does not involve too many factors to be taken into consideration while buying one. However, the few important things that you need to take heed of before ordering your blood glucose monitor are – 

The expenses you need to incur - In case of purchasing medical items (especially if they are a regular affair), the first thing you think of is 'insurance coverage'. It is important to know the coverage amount and clauses of your insurance provider.

Meters vary in cost. Often, insurance companies would filter the items by their price and provide you with a capping. If the price of your meter goes beyond this, you will have to pay the remaining amount. 

The same applies to test strips as well. The capping is applicable for a certain quantity of test strips. For instance, your insurance company would provide only a fixed number of test strips per month or year.

Hence, before choosing your glucose meter, estimate your expenses on different heads like strips, lancets (device to prick your fingertip), etc. Check the coverage amount provided by your insurance company and only then move on to place your order. 

The user-friendliness of your device– This is the 2nd most important thing to be considered. The display of your glucose monitor should be such that you can read the numbers easily. Remember, if you are a hyperglycemia patient, your eyesight could likely be affected. High blood sugar levels even lead to a partial loss of vision at times. Therefore, large and clear displays (with an apt backlight) is essential.

Additionally, your meter should not require too much of blood. That is to say, a small or average-sized blood drop should be enough to produce a correct reading from the appliance!

Finally, your meter should not take long to display readings. Although a few seconds is acceptable, yet, when you need to test several times a day, extended waiting time may trouble you!

Information storage capacity – Last but not least, the ability of your device to store and retrieve information would give it an edge over other products in the market! It helps you keep a record of how well or how poorly you have controlled your glycaemic levels. Accordingly, you may plan or restructure some of your diet as well as lifestyle habits to keep a check on the abnormality of your blood sugar mark. 

What brand of glucose meter is covered by medicare 2021?

One Touch is the preferred blood glucose meter and test strips brand that will be covered by Medicare. The variants include OneTouch Verio Reflect, OneTouch Verio Flex, OneTouch Verio and OneTouch Ultra 2.

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Have you wondered why the market is filled with variants of blood sugar monitors? It's because there are several additional features that you may wish to have on your device. Audio is another special feature that individuals look for – here, the machine 'tells' you the result instead of just 'showing' it!

Blood glucose meters without pricking

There are many diabetics around the world who need to check their blood sugar levels several times a day. What if the individual needs to prick his/her finger several times a day? So, basically you need to search for a meter that can do without pricking. The continuous glucose monitoring system contains a small device that's worn in the arm. The device comes fitted with a sensor that yields the result in less than a second!

Understanding the varied features of different sorts of blood sugar monitors is important as some may help monitor your glucose level much more efficiently in your situation!