By the time we had our second child, I was a lot more experienced than the first time and knew what and when certain things are required. I have, therefore, sat down today, to pen down the benefits of my manual breast pump – I don't forget to carry this wherever and whenever I'm traveling. Also, I make sure that it comes in handy even when I'm at home! So, why am I so much in love with my manual breast pump? Here are the benefits for you to have a glance through…

Think about traveling!

Yes, what if you are on a road trip? Besides, you may be at any other place such as a football stadium or a movie hall (where the electricity supply is either not accessible or not a convenient position for you to sit and pump!). The greatest virtue of manual pumps is that they are not dependent on the supply of electricity. Suppose you have a friend’s marriage or stepped out of home for some official work and your baby is with you, just sneak away, pump the quantity that is required and feed your infant.

Manual breast pumps are a boon during your weekend trips and long vacations as well. Weekend trips especially are short ones, and you might be a long-drive lover as well! That’s where manual breast pumps prove to be most beneficial!

Pop it in your handbag easily

Here’s another virtue of these devices that you might have overlooked – they are handy! Manual breast pumps (as their name indicates) are operated manually and hence they do not need as many accessories as the electric breast pumps. This again makes manual devices a boon while you are traveling or heading for a short vacation trip. You can easily fit them in your handbag and carry them along with you wherever you are.

Use them at any given moment to remove excess milk

The milk supply of your body works on a demand and supply mechanism. The more demand, the higher goes the supply. It is therefore advisable not to use breast pumps (for removing milk from the body) until the body is properly regulated with the supply quantity.

The manual breast pump is best suited for the early days of engorgement. Your body requires sessions of removing excess milk from the body on one hand, and the supply amount is yet to be fully regulated on the other hand! During these days a manual pump is highly recommended as the pressure is under the control of your hands and is not being artificially controlled.

A comfortable flange

Many women opine that flanges of manual breast pumps are softer and much more comfortable. Well, this thought might be purely psychological, as you are totally in control of the force applied to your breasts! Therefore, manual pumps often seem to be more comfortable than their electric counterparts. New moms, as a result of this advantage, may use a manual pump to release their clogged ducts. The greater control of pumping speed as well as positioning helps one pull out the clog easily.

Among all the pros discussed here, the best virtue of manual pumps (at least in my opinion) is that it is travel-friendly! Have you wondered what would happen if you are an electric pump user and have somehow forgotten some of the parts back at home? That’s where manual pumps are preferred – lesser accessories and less messy!