This pandemic has converted most of us into big foodies. Believe it or not, almost every one of us is spending more time in the kitchen than ever before. This Christmas, therefore, is going to be special – with all the lip-smacking delicacies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too.

It feels euphoric to welcome this time of the year. It has indeed brought me to pen down this article which will give you a head start on preparations for Christmas and Hannukah before you plunge into all the partying and merrymaking!

A brief on your home décor

Who does not feel elated to see new and innovative kind of interiors in magazines, or while you are scrolling on the phone! 

Each Christmas, or rather, around the Thanksgiving weekend, I plan a new décor for my home. Hosting parties and family gatherings have been the norm since my late 20s. So, I don’t get much stressed. It’s only the ‘rev up’ style and the right choice of furniture that bothers me until the whole family is able to decide upon a particular pattern that’s both appealing and chic! Here’s a collection of my ideas that are sure to make a lot of your takeaways for the coming festive season…

The Christmas Tree

Make it as tall as you can afford it. Last year, we ended up on a nine-foot-tall one that was both flocked and beautifully pre-lit, flocking does not make your Christmas Tree look messy. Rather, it looked majestic to the guests who entered the hall and was too much fun for the kids too! Not to forget, place your tree strategically. It must complement the sleek and stylish staircase that runs up from the hall or the big wide windows that overlooks the snow-capped railings outside!

A cozy living room

Red and white are the colors that you play with when it's Christmas time. Cute and vibrant looking pillows on your sofas and sectionals that welcome the guests with a "Merry Christmas" greeting is something that's on your shopping cart already. Candles lit in different nooks and corners of the room, stockings hanging on the fireplace also add to the warmth and grandeur to the Christmas spirit.

Now, some cakes and cookies time…

Baking, is certainly, one of the favorite hobbies of many out there. When it comes to post lockdown and quarantine period, you’ve had enough of baking and grilling time, haven’t you? Try your hands on some orange and almond cookies – they come dotted with roasted almonds and sprinkled with coconut flakes. Dip them in some melted chocolate for a blissful taste in every bite.

You may go for the common love – some sugary, crunchy, and chocolaty cookies. You only need to be careful with the thickness of the cookie shapes – I love going for the little hearts or tiny soft-toy shapes – it should be perfect for your baking time. Do not opt for anything more or less than 8 to 12 minutes of baking. Else your shapes may break and your zeal too!

Cake baking ideas

Baking cakes is real love – be it the mini cupcakes to deck your tea-time Christmas table or the large chunk of chocolate loaf cake – you feel exalted when the soft and spongy thing’s ready to serve! A few suggestions for your Christmas cake recipe this year –

  • Orange pound cake
  • Peanut butter chocolate loaf cake
  • Vanilla cake with buttercream
  • Strawberry pound cake

Hurry up and jot down the recipes as you need to order the grocery essentials before the stores run out of their stock; after all, it's Christmas time!