Is Fall your favorite time of the year? You certainly have a lot of plans for the coming October then! Is it fashion? Skincare? Home interiors? Lifestyle? Food? Whatever it be, you need to keep "your health" on the list too. Do not forget that it’s the onset of the flu season too; keeping healthy is absolutely necessary!

Flu Season

So, if you are up for ending the year on a “healthy” note, here’s all you need to do this coming fall season…

Grab the in-season foods

It is commonly known that seasonal fruits and vegetables are best for your health and your immune system. And what better than the Fall season for plucking fresh veggies and fruits of different colors? Cranberries, apples, turnips, squash, colorful peppers, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cabbage, wild mushrooms, and a lot more!

Flu shot

It’s time to get your flu shot

Per the recommendations of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu shot or the flu vaccine should be taken by the end of October. Unfortunately, Fall precedes the flu season of the year. Hence, along with all the good things that you’ve planned for October, don’t forget the vaccine too!

How to stay healthy during flu season

You need to finish that bottle too!

Fall marks the onset of winter. As it gets colder, the body does not tend to lose as much fluid as it does during the summer months. So, you might not feel thirsty! But the water intake needs to remain at sufficient amounts throughout the winter – it keeps you from dehydrating and your skin supple too.

Epsom bath can creep in towards the end of Fall

As the weather gets colder and colder outside, ending the day with a hot bath is one of the most relaxing things. Epsom salts contain magnesium and sulfate – they aid in the removal of toxins. Have you heard of arthritis pain that flares during the colder months? Magnesium is a salt that helps in easing out arthritis pain. Taking an Epsom bath in the evening is a good thing to start in the Fall season.

Stock up on sanitizers & disinfectant sprays

Have you ever wondered why is the end of Fall the official start of the flu season? The colder days compel you to keep all the doors and windows shut and stay indoors for longer hours than ever before (in the entire year)! The viruses get an ideal environment to multiply! The surface disinfectants and sanitizer bottles would only help to combat the flu viruses that are around.

Don’t forget to sterilize the most-touched items. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, doorknobs, keys are the primary sources of germs. They are thus the primary sources of contamination of the invisible yet pernicious viruses and bacteria!

Munch on these immunity-boosting foods

The season change is an important time to nourish your health with immunity-boosting foods. Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients among them. Vitamin C helps the body combat infections. Lime, lemons, oranges, tomatoes are rich sources of Vitamin C. Other immunity-boosting foods are garlic, ginger, spinach, etc.

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Why do you think the pumpkin is associated with the Halloween season that follows the Fall?

The Fall vegetable, pumpkin is full of nutrients – it's packed with beta-carotene. The latter converts this antioxidant into Vitamin A inside the body. Your body needs this vitamin, especially, to keep your eyes in good health, for a healthy reproductive system, and to take care of the other body organs too. Pumpkin is also a rich source of Vitamin C!