The good news is 2020 Halloween is finally here! On the eve of All Saints Day, which is observed on November 1st each year, is the ‘All Hallows Eve’. As the former is observed to honor all the saints, the latter, is purposed at warding off all the ghosts. Gradually, Hallows Eve came to be observed as Halloween and the event is dotted with a multitude of celebrations across countries.

Strange Halloween Facts

The most thrilling rituals include –

People thronging the roads in donned costumes – Costumes mimicking the look of a devil, demon, ghost, monster, or vampire. You could also dress up like a witch, mummy, or skeleton! So, why does dressing happen to be so thematic and such fun?

Tradition holds that Halloween is the occasion when the spirits and the dark world connect with the human world. Spirits are even believed to walk the roads with normal human beings on this day! To commemorate a connection between the living and the dead, many symbols are specific for the Halloween event. Walking skeletons, spooks, wizards, and animals like bats, black cats, and spiders are associated with this day, as they are usually associated with night and darkness!

Stores and shops are thronged with items like skulls, theme costumes (to dress up like the characters mentioned above), pumpkins, bones, blood-stained face masks, gravestones, lanterns, etc.

‘Trick-or-Treating’ - This is the most common ritual, and it is cute in its own sweet manner! Children dress up in fancy costumes and hop down from door-to-door asking for candy treats, with the question ‘trick or treat’? If it’s a treat, the door opener greets the child with a candy treat!

During Halloween, thus, candy sales shoot up. So, what are the goodies that are in huge demand during the Halloween season? From confectioneries to chocolate bars, gummies, marshmallows, jellybeans, caramels, mints, and all other sweet and sugar-coated stuff – October is the highest selling month for candy sellers and confectioners across America!

History of Halloween for Kids

Making the Jack-O-Lanterns – This is an art. The pumpkin inside in which candles are placed is carved in a scary way to mark the Halloween event. Jack-O-Lantern making is most popular among Irish folklore. According to the legend, Jack, a farmer, who being a big trickster, had planned to trick the devil! One day, when he came across the devil, he asked the latter to climb a tree to pick up some fruit. Once the devil went up, Jack placed a cross in the lower bark so that the devil gets stuck! Jack only lets the devil go under the condition that after his death the devil would not take him to hell!

When Jack died, he neither got an entry into heaven (for his ill deeds on earth) nor was he allowed into hell. It was the devil who had pity on him and threw a glowing piece of coal at him which he placed on a turnip to light his way and thus the first-ever Jack-O-Lantern was created!

Fun Facts about Halloween

fun facts about Halloween

Halloween Candy Trivia

So, a major part of Halloween day celebrations is marked by that sugary and sweet stuff. Children make the most of the eve of Halloween with the ‘trick-or-treat’ event. A pumpkin-carving contest is sometimes organized for sheer fun and frolic. Baking some delicious cookies and muffins could be an important job for the elders at home – along with candies which are a huge attraction for kids who come home for the trick-or-treat event!

Halloween might be a touch different this year. The hopping down from door-to-door or being around with a swarm of friends, and family on the roads might not happen. Even if it does, it won't be on a large scale. However, market analysts do not expect the consumer demands (that are needed to make the holiday spooky and sweet) to scale down much!