Despite the despairing times that we’ve been through since the virus outbreak, Americans barely barred themselves from reveling in the festivities of all the special days like Columbus Day, Patrick’s Day, President's Day, and so on. In spite of all odds, America has been in a splendidly festive mood throughout the Fall season! Those days are however only precedents of the gift-giving, carol-singing times of Christmas eve and the New Year too!

This article is, therefore, a must-read, especially, when you are a shopaholic out there! Some of the choicest products that customers pour in to buy during the festive season sale are discussed here.

Shopping List Ideas

Your winter essentials…

The end of January is the choicest time of the year to go for your winter essentials. This is because retailers pull out all the heavy coats, sweaters, boots, hats, and scarves to the sale racks to pave the way for spring clothes to set in. Buyers can happily expect a whopping 50% discount or some figure close to that. So, when winter’s creeping in you are heartily wished “happy winter shopping”!

Home necessities –

These days (during the pandemic) 'home essentials' necessarily include tissues, towelettes, sanitizers, hand-rubs, disinfecting solutions and bars, home-cleaning accessories, and so on. Traditionally, the "White Sales" is held in and around January to put 'home-goods' like linens, towels, bedding and bath accessories, etc. on sale. Although this long-ago coined term is almost obsolete now, this is the time of the year when department stores experience a surge in demand for household items.

When you are tech-savvy…

If you are one, you'll certainly hold your breath for Amazon Prime Day! Scores of retailers across the US offer lucrative discounts on technology products like smart TVs, laptops, tablets, your choicest smartphones, gaming systems, smart home appliances, and so on. Grab the offer to tap the technology button and transform your sweet home into a smart home this year.

Furniture –

Furniture sales usually happen around the 4th of July. Independence Day sales is the best time when you can deck up your home, refurbish the kitchen, or make some sectional purchases to enliven a space! Whether you are moving to a new home or there’s a new member in the house (and you need a baby cot or a feeding table), Independence Day is the most awaited deal!

Best Shopping Deals

Days you might wait for!

Round the year, Americans observe special days and occasions where special discounts are offered by retailers, be it Columbus Day, St. Patrick's Day, Black Friday, or Super Saturday. While the shopping discussion is on, let’s talk about a few occasions across America that would coax you on jotting down your shopping list! Here’s the special sale list …

The New Year Sale – It's either the first week of the year and sometimes the week that follows. If you are a fashion freak, this is the time for saving big on apparel!

The President’s Day Sale – The 3rd Monday of February is a great day to treat yourself to some shopping. Discounts on winter clothing are the most obvious ones. Retailers also put appliances, electronic gadgets, and other goods on sale (in case you don't want to wait for the Cyber Monday sale!).

Tax-free weekends – There are many states which offer this. Sales tax is waived on items – especially schooling products on some weekends of August.

Black Friday – The day after Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday of November) is Black Friday and these events have grown into one of the most popular celebrations in the US. So, if you are making your year-end celebrations special don't miss out on the huge discounts!

Super Saturday – The Saturday before Christmas happens to be Super Sunday. You can pretty well imagine the offers that are there to make your Christmas great!

These are special sale days when your list is expandable and you shop and shop to bag your favorites on huge and attractive price discounts.

So, Happy Shopping!