The terms computer accessories and peripherals are closely intertwined. They are therefore easily confused too. To start with, a clear distinction between the two concepts is important. Peripherals are devices that extend or enhance the functionality of a computer. For instance, take the case of a scanner. It scans documents to convert the hard copy of a document into a soft copy so that the necessary changes could be made digitally.

Accessories on the other wing, are components that are used alongside operating a computer or laptop but do not augment the functionality of the machine you’re working with. An example would clarify things; consider a mouse pad or a monitor raising table – they only make your job more comfortable!

List of Computer peripherals and their categories

The list of peripherals that we provide customers with, is an exhaustive one. To name a few among them are:

  • Wired optical mouse
  • Washable Keyboard (also available in the color white)
  • Wireless Mobile Scanner
  • Laser Printers (also available with Networking and Duplex Printing)
  • Laser Fax Machines
  • Document Scanner
  • A wireless keyboard (that is compatible with almost any device, even your personal tablet!)

In short, peripherals are changeable, that is, in order to upgrade functionality, peripherals can be changed. However, your system needs to be updated accordingly and you might need to install new drivers in order to do make the rearrangements purposeful. Some peripherals are called ‘plug and play’; these are devices that start working automatically once plugged in. No configurations are therefore needed to be set up.

Under a broad classification, peripherals can be categorized into these three: Input, Output and Storage devices. To cite an example of each, the keyboard is an input device, ‘printer’ an output device, and the ‘flash drive’ is a storage device.

5 must-have computer accessories

Accessories, on the other hand, enliven your workspace, making the job more interesting and less monotonous. So, while you’re hunting for some smart, sleek, and attractive-looking accessories, here’s a list that you can make use of…

An antiglare LCD monitor filter: This one smartly helps to cut down on the unnecessary reflection of sunlight or a powerful light (if any) that is close to your monitor. These anti-glare screens are therefore required depending upon the position of your monitor.

Projectors: These are a smart alternative to computer monitors. Why? Simply because, when a large group needs to be addressed and the work needs to be discussed within the entire team, a laser projector does the job. They are easily connected to a tablet or even your phone to display important information on the wall or the ‘temporary screen’ to be disseminated within the entire group!

Trackballs: Yet another smart way of space-saving. When there’s not enough room for the free movement of the mouse, trackballs come to the rescue. They are equipped with a scroll ring to help you flip through the web pages.

A laptop-stand or a monitor raiser: Especially people who code, design, or write for hours (mostly to earn a living) prefer this item the most. It reduces neck strain most importantly by raising the screen to your eye level. They possess certain other functionalities too, like, holding your tablet or phone in place (in an attached section). 

Mousepads & Keyboard wrist rests: A wrist rest makes your job easier adding a touch of comfort to it. resting your wrist both while working with the mouse and the keyboard is essential. It usually has a gel filling to give you a soft feel and is generally antimicrobial to make your working environment both clean and health-friendly!

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From computer cleaning supplies to storage devices to the latest, trendy, and ergonomic input devices, peripherals and accessories are must-haves, especially if you are a workaholic! Make your workstation look smart and impart a comfortable ambiance; it helps you get the feel… 'work is fun'!